The water issue

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For the last three weeks constantly, the regime forces had raised the attacks, targeting the main process water station on Suleiman Al-Halaby neighborhood. Seeking to control it by ground offensive and air strikes. This leads to station dysfunction and turned it out of service.

This station was serving both sides of Aleppo, the Eastern and Western part.

Because it is located in one of the front lines, this area becomes as a good target to the regime forces to start a strong ground offensive in order to control the station.

Intending to prevent us from clean drinking water, this action ((if achieved)) could lead to the beginning of surrender or evacuation operation.

Now no more clean water to drink in the most of neighborhoods ((only the stored bottles in the markets and houses)).

People also need water for hygiene purposes.

Moreover, because generators had stopped working due to the lack of fuel. Therefore, we couldn’t use the wells water that depends on generators neither.

Although all these ground conflicts, until now  »thanks god » the regime forces couldn’t control the station. Nevertheless, a lot of damaged happened to the machines.

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A bread with blood taste:

On 28.Sep morning, when people were gathering, waiting to buy a few loaves of bread. An airstrike hit the place on al Ma’adey neighborhood. This attack killed around 17 people and caused many serious injuries.

The Russian campaign continues, by testing and using new kinds of weapons in Aleppo.

At that day, many families were mourning their loved ones. Many children spent their night crying, some of them were crying grieving on their dead dads, other were crying because their fathers didn’t comeback with bread and they still hungry all that night.


Written by: Ahmad Al Basha


From inside besieged Aleppo


((A Bread with blood taste))

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