The besieging crisis is in rise

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Can you imagine a family, 3 person maybe beside to a baby living in a house, having a small farm with a backyard garden. Their kitchen contains only a few canned food and some bottles of milk for the baby .suddenly something out happened makes this family entrapped inside the house with only these limited resources of food.

The besieging crisis is in rise

The problem is, this family is more than three person and a baby, they are 300 thousand person-included babies!
Now, the new part of crisis is these BABIES and the way of getting their MILK too.
Can you imagine that the price of one can of milk is 8000 SYP (about 15 $). !! At the same time, the majority of people are out of work with no weekly or monthly income!
 »If this is not a CRISIS, then what could happen worse!  »
Let me refer here in this point, some of Ngo. which their Warehouses still safe ((meanwhile a lot of ngo’s warehouses were attacked and destroyed completely)), try to give a hand, involve as possible as they can by working on so-called ‘freely milk distribution project’ basically for the widows and generally for the needed women who can’t feed their babies naturally.

Our main problem is, we are a large number of population compared with the available green spaces of planted vegetables.
According to our environment, we have only limited kinds of vegetables grown up in these groves like ( aubergine, squash, mint, parsley, radish and watercress)
In Darayya, the situation of the siege was better. They were only 8000 Person with a large space of available groves .which means: a few number of residents compared with the large green spaces they had. Therefore, they could survive during their whole long siege.
Unfortunately, we are in an opposite geographical situation, a large number of population with only small spaces available to be planted.

Happened in besieged Aleppo..
The price of gas bottle rises to 125 $ (if you were lucky to find it). Before the siege, it was 6000 SYP.
Happened in besieged Aleppo..
The PATIENTS with the chronic diseases get to a level of lack of severe medicines to the point of splitting the daily dose onto 2 days or more due to the shortage of medicines.
 »Now PAIN continues to be the only company they have. »

Winter is knocking on doors, and also people want to cook their simple food, their reserved of fuel and gas run out, so they start to destroy some of their wood furniture. In addition, sadly cut TREES, sit a fire and cook their simple food or make a tea. They sometimes cooking big meals for (the neighborhood or 10 families) to make use of the fire since energy sources are scarce now.
If they want to survive, live another day, they have to do that now.
« Even NATURE has interacted with us. We are crying TOGATHER now »
Written by: Ahmad Al Basha
From inside besieged Aleppo
((Trying to survive, live another day…)

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