God help us !!

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((While shelling by phosphorus on Bustan Al Qasr neighborhood on last Wednesday night))

We are now standing on the edge of Surrender. We run out of supplies.
All kinds of supplies: Food ,fuels ,medical , and also hygiene materials

No more fuel !! Not at all.
A chaos among the people began because of a severe shortage of bread material.
Only a few bakeries work, only a once every two days. Although the local council try to handle this serious issue but it becomes out of control day after day. A kind of starvation maybe will begin soon.

Again, the Syrian regime media follow the same way of fooling people about securing a safety corridors to the civilians and also armed people. But the fact is none of this is true.

7 days of a fake truce, 7 days of waiting for food aids. Then what was the next action !!
Bombing a convoy of aid, an air strike hit relief trucks near the city of Aleppo, killing at least one SARC staff member and around 20 civilians, as they were unloading trucks carrying vital humanitarian aid. Much of the aid was destroyed. The attack deprives thousands of civilians of much-needed food and medical assistance. And destroying a warehouse and hospital.
Omar Barakat ,The director of a Syrian Arab Red Crescent branch, was among those killed in this attack on last Monday night.

7 days of a fake truce, then the bombing campaign is continuing again.
Two days ago, on Wednesday night a huge attacks happened on the most Aleppo neighborhoods by using phosphorus and napalm bombs. This killed 50 person only in 24 hours that night.

Yesterday on Thursday night, more than 44 attacks hit Aleppo neighborhoods, most of them were by phosphorus bombs and yet the numbers of killed people still unknown

Because their generators stopped from working, day after day.. some of Aleppo neighborhoods sank in dark. And soon, the same will be in the rest of areas. Without fuel, Aleppo will be drown in the darkness. And maybe we will be isolated from the rest of the world.

We have been put in a critical situation without a choice. Unless JaF start a new war against the Syrian regime and his allies to break the siege again, we will be left to face our unknown fate.
God help us !!

  • Written By:
    Ahmad Al Basha
    From inside besieged Aleppo


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