About the Truce !!

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  • After a long discussion and a lot of negotiations, Aleppo Local council approved for receiving the UN aids (headed to the free part of Aleppo) by Castello road .

This resulted in announcing a humanitarian truce and ending the fight in Syria, especially Aleppo!!

But what can’t understand is that, if Russia accepted the announced truce which should start in the first day of Eid Al Adha..

Despite of this fact, warplanes had committed a lot of air strikes attacks just in the last two days before the expected truce day (Eid Al Adha day).

  • About the Truce !!
    – It’s important to know that until writing this article, None of the truce items have been executed.
    The only thing happened was decreasing the air strikes attacks and the overflights compared with the average of air strikes attacks before.
    – The Un aids were agreed to go through Castello road inside the besieged Aleppo. But until now no aid entered the city. Although all the daily statements to regime that it will withdraw his forces away from Castello road as the truce included.
    – I’m still hear the sound of scouting plane.
    – four days ago, there was a man killed by a sniper in Al-Zubdiah neighborhood.

– So, The truce resulted in less attacks done by airplanes, but shelling and bombardment still happening sometimes. Also some airplanes attacks occurred lately.

  • Idleb from the other side had gotten a hugely attacks and suffered a lot since beginning « the battle of breaking the siege of Aleppo » and so far.
    As we all know, Idleb consider the main land to « JaF »

Because its near location to Kafriya and Al-Fu’ah « the two besieged villages by « JaF ».
Bennish ((where one of our project launched there)) was hit a lot recently. And this was the main reason to suspend our project there for a while.

To be honest, Idleb and Aleppo are now like two close sisters more than before suffering from the same brutal forces hungry to kill.

  • Written By:
    Ahmad Al Basha
    inside besieged Aleppo


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