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When the SIEGE was imposed on the eastern part of Aleppo, people started using houses gardens to grow vegetables.
It has been about 3 MONTHS now since the beginning of siege.
Meat sources are very rare depending mainly on what left of cattle.
So as a very important action, some of farmers, the owners of groves and civilians start recently rising animals. Seeking to increase their numbers as possible therefore, they can depend on its meat and its products from milk and eggs as well.
They basically start looking after with cows, sheep, chickens and hens. Some of people choose to rise rabbits and goose too. But Most of the people don’t have any.
Nevertheless, even this good step has some real obstacles to be proceeded well and lasted permanently.
 »The food’s animal » it is a problem we cannot really ignore it.
Day after day, it becomes rare and we cannot keep getting it easily due to the lack of (green spaces, gardens and our remained food). The continuously consumed grass is one of the reasons as well.
People also needed seeds to create a new kind of vegetables that grow in winter. Thanks god The Local Council of Aleppo City has a good reserved of these seeds.
((Now these seeds is PRECIOUS more than gold.))

The education situation in besieged Aleppo:
In a different subject, some of NGOs who concern in supporting Educational part are trying to create a good educational environment as the underground schools to be ready for the new coming term, which supposed to start in the last week of October. They try to establish a safe and proper study places that fit the teaching operation.
They try to supply some schools, provide them with logistic materials they need, fix what need to fix. They also try to provide the stationary required for both teachers and students, so they can launch teaching and learning operation.
It is ESTIMATED that around 85000 kids are still deprived from education in besieged Aleppo.
Speaking of children and their rights…
Living in eastern Aleppo, which has come under repeated sieges, the risks of riding on swings and playing in the park are too great. Sniper fire, missiles and airstrikes are daily occurrences in what was once Syria’s industrial center but is now at the heart of the country’s bloody conflict.
Local communities have always tried their best to provide education for as many children as possible. They struggle to keep going in underground buildings that guarantee a sort of safe compared with the normal schools. Now directorate of Education in Aleppo and the most NGOs try to create or supply such a places like this.
But apparently these underground building are not safe anymore when the Russians used heavy bombs that can reach them easily, the last weapon used in Aleppo « the Bunker buster bomb » which is designed to penetrate hardened target or targets buried deep underground, such as Military Bunkers make this underground alternative teach places unsafe and risky Again.
This is all what we could do now, if we want our children to continue their teaching.
It’s worth mentioning that despite of all surrounding circumstances, we try to adapt quickly. This is one of privileges of Aleppo citizens. We keep away the bad thoughts. Think tomorrow will be fine. Try to proceed our daily routine.
Hopefully opening the new autumn term.
Written by: Ahmad Al Basha
From inside besieged Aleppo.

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