From inside besieged Aleppo

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Death barrels, destructive missiles, sounds of falling bombs and their explosions.
All those were just a part of the story !!
The other one of people suffering was when (Al Kastellow) « the only path to get food and medicine inside the free eastern part of Aleppo » became unavailable, under the regime forces and his allies.

But Thanks God..
One month later, the opposition forces represented mainly by « Jaysh al-Fateh » ((JaF)) army and other battalions from inside Aleppo could break the siege, open a new path (Ar-Ramousa).
We thought we can restore our routine life now and start our own activities.

But unfortunately, it didn’t last long and happened again !!
Only two weeks or three then Aleppo falls under the siege again.

Now the shapes of lack begin appear.
No vegetables.. No fuel..
It’s been more 3 weeks since the second siege began.

The medical section has its own suffering that it couldn’t be ignored and need immediately solution

Because of the last horrible attacks, the continued Russian campaign and the absence of safety, the Education section still suspended since the 1st siege and also our projects inside besieged Aleppo.
Children didn’t go to their summer activities last July and August, where they could use our materials in such a better way during this activities.

In general, life becomes so harder again…
An observed rising in the prices. In addition, the shops seemed nearly empty from the basic stuff!!

The situation of life about getting food and water is very bad
People based on what they stored before in the first place such as rice, lentils, groats, and humous.
They based on the canned food too.
Actually these are all kinds of food available now.
But thanks God ,we still abundantly supplied with bread.

Good news is, some of generators still work depending on the reserved fuel people stored. Thus they still able to use wells water. Because the period of cutout water extends to a long days.
Bad news is, this reserve is limited. It will running out soon.

The most thing we afraid is a rumor said that :
There is a politic deal including retaking the free part of Aleppo to regime areas in return kicking « Syrian Democratic Forces » ((SDF)) out of Jarablos !!
« A city near Turkish borders »

We hope it’s not true. We also hope it’s a temporary situation we are in now.
We pray the opposition forces gather it self again and break the siege soon.

●Written By:
Ahmad Al Basha
From inside besieged Aleppo

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