Guérir la guerre- Healing the war

Du 6 octobre au 16 décembre, la médiathèque André Malraux présente l’exposition Déflagrations : un siècle de dessins d’enfants dans les guerres, conflits et crimes de masse qui donne la parole aux enfants témoins, victimes et parfois acteurs des conflits, guerres et crimes de masse depuis 1914 dans le monde.

En lien avec cette exposition la BNU accueille une table ronde autour de la prise en charge médicale et psychologique des traumatismes subis par les enfants lors des conflits. Les témoignages de spécialistes et de praticiens se confrontent pour analyser la difficulté, voire l’impossibilité d’oublier et de revenir à une vie normale.

6 octobre : inauguration de l’exposition Déflagrations à la médiathèque André Malraux à Strasbourg.

14 octobre, 15.00 : présentation du travail autour de Déflagrations et de la maison d’édition par Chloé Pathé au même endroit.

From the 6th of October to the 16th of December, the multimedia library André Malraux presents the exhibition Déflagrations: a century of children’s drawings in wars, conflicts and mass crimes that gives children witnesses, victims and sometimes actors of conflicts, wars and crimes since 1914 in the world.

In connection with this exhibition, the BNU is hosting a round table on the medical and psychological treatment of traumas suffered by children during conflicts. The testimonies of specialists and practitioners confront each other to analyze the difficulty, even the impossibility of forgetting and returning to a normal life.

6 October: inauguration of the exhibitionDéflagrations at the André Malraux multimedia library in Strasbourg.

14 octobre, 15.00 : presentation of work around Déflagrations and of the publishing house by Chloé Pathé in the same place.

Affiche deflagration, Strasbourg, Solinfo.
Déflagration 2017 Solinfo

Since 2011, Syria has been going through a unprecendeted crise that lead to more than 3 millions Syrians to flee out of their country, which we can add 6.5 millions deported inside of Syria, leaving their home, their work,… ( Syria used to count 20 millions inhabitants before the revolution striked.)

Since 2012, an exploratory mission has been lead in Syria to evaluate the needs of the population and particularly the children for whom war became their everyday life.

Solinfo decided to intervene in protection of children domain and education. Also, in consistency with the means that the association dispose of, the most appropriate support happened to be helping artistic expression for children whose youth is built in violence.

Rapidly, Solinfo supported the creation of a Syrian association “Sanabel” (“barley ear” in Arabic) to manage the “Colorful Syria” project directly on the field.

Thus, Solinfo comes in support of this Syrian association to develop groups of children who gather to draw, paint, paste, play …