President, Solinfo

The President’s Message


A new internet website more dynamique and actual was created in order to highlight the value of SOLINFO’s action to you who are discoevring and supporting our association.

Since 2002, Solinfo decided to take action with the unprivileged children, first in Bangladesh throughout an IT Training which delivers a diploma each year that gives them the chance to change their social condition.

Today Our project, is to renew the aging materials of our training centers which provide training for 400 students per year.

Since 2012, after the tragic events in Syria, SOLINFO also take action among war victim children in refugees camps, schools, communities,…

In response to the local demand, the matter is to allow those children to « keep being children », to keep drawing, expressing what they have to say with or without words. Our action helps support more than 20 art teachers by giving them the necessary materials to organise dedicated times to drawing, painting,…

Finally, a new action initiated in 2016, allows to support an educational project to farming and cultivating in Burundi in order for the children, and their families thoughout them, living in extrem poverty to enter a vertuous circle of economic self-sufficiency.

Strong from his experience and the proficiency of its projects, SOLINFO has valid reasons to exists and to pursue its action turned to the most helpless :   THE CHILDREN

Support SOLINFO for each one of them.

Thank you for generosity

Thank You