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Since 2002, Solinfo established IT training centers in many districts

Currently, 11 centers are still operating. Particularly appreciated, many requests exist to create more centers knowing that the current centers are occupied at 100%!

A training center office is

Classroom provided

Provided by a school, an orphanage or other institution

IT teacher

Already trained in specific IT courses

6 computers

With their Environments and Facilities

Training of 40 students a year

Through sessions lasting between 3 and 6 months

Since 2002, Solinfo has created IT training centers in many districts of the country.

Nowadays, 12 centers are functioning. Being a very appreciated and efficient organism, numerous sollicitations are made for us to build more centers knowing that, every centers are full to 100 % !

This training includes the apprenticeships of Word, Excel, Powerpoint and also a basic training for computer maintenance. In certain cases some centers can provide specific trainings for Access, Illustrator, and Photoshop.

At the en of each session, the trainee recives a certificate which is recognized by local companies for the quality of the training. More than 70% of the children getting out of this training will find employment as secretaries, assistants, etc… or they will pursue another training.

Moreover, every trimester, Solinfo will organize a recreational activity (pic-nic, muppet show, zoo visit,…) to the benefit of every chilren of our partnering establishment.