trophée des associations organisé par la fondation EDF

Trophée des associations organisé par la fondation EDF

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Burundi context
Burundi is one the poorest country in the world with more than two thirds of its population living under the poverty line. Enclosed, the country has known an average economic growth of 3.7% in the last decade, almost entirely paid off by the population growth (3.3% in 2015, for 11.55 million inhabitants). The rural population (90%) lives on subsistance farming while the pressure on farmland becomes stronger.
The country structurally suffers from a litlle diversified economy vulnerable to the weather conditions and the international trade markets.
Today, the majority of the population lives in an extreme poverty and the youth is very affected by the policitical and security crisis wich affect most of their vital needs.
SOLiNFO, due to a 15 years experiment to the benefit of the unprivileged children, decided to answser positively to a Burundian community request to support the youth of this country, then in the grip of a political crisis that was going to have heavy consequences on the economic life and increase poverty among an already very suffering population due to the successive wars.
After an exploratory mission was led, late in 2015, SOLiNFO decided to support an already existing initiative that needed a little bit of help. Leaning on local solid organizations, SOLiNFO supports an educational project in the breeding of vegetables and cultures which participates directly in the survival of the particularly vulnerable youth and to the implementation of a long-term virtuous and viable economic cycle and in their re-schooling.