Blog Charter

By posting your comment, you agree to this policy.


The “comments” after each ticket is not a forum or debate.

It is a place of publication, where blog readers are invited to clarify, assessments or arguments in the exclusive setting of the subjects developed by the author of the ticket.

Their comments are published under the responsibility of the author of the blog, as such, has an exclusive right to publication, it may delegate to the moderators of choice. They are not required to justify the reasons for their choice of restraint or to prevent commentators.

Moreover, the fact of posting again or insistently comment has been previously moderate, without changing the formulation, content or layout, may lead to the temporary prohibition of comments against its author.

Respect your readers and the blog author has a number of requirements, in addition to moderating principles outlined below.

Thus, comments must be written in a concise and respectful language. They exclude any form of abusive abbreviation (language “SMS), offensive language, using only capital letters, no punctuation. The emphasis options (bold) will be used sparingly, as well as the links and citations. Although the quality of spelling is not critical, the written comments in “phonetic” language will be excluded.

Moderation Rules

Comment moderation is intended only to prevent abuses in the use of the “post a comment”. It constitutes neither censorship.

Are strictly forbidden:

statements clearly contrary to the law incitement to racial hatred or homophobia, incitement to violence, revisionist and Holocaust deniers.
pornography, pedophilia, obscenities and vulgarities.
aggressive or violent comments against other users or the author of the blog.
the “stuffing” by repetition of identical messages or very similar with one or more participants to saturate the blog or harass its stakeholders.
personal attacks, insults, attacks on the dignity and privacy of others.
personal attacks, insults, attacks on the dignity or privacy of public or private persons not involved on the blog.
the pack behavior directed by several speakers against another.
voluntary usurpation of pseudonyms already in use.
entering an invalid e-mail address intended to conceal the identity of the speaker (the email addresses are never published).
messages for ostensibly divert the audience to other sites.
advertising or commercial messages.
Comments that violate the spirit of the discussions or the main subject of the ticket.
full copies of newspaper articles, notes published on other blogs or editorial content taken from other sites.
the resumption of comments posted on other forums.
full quotes, long or repeated comments posted by others in this blog.
posts or excerpts from articles written in a foreign language that does not verify their compliance with this charter.
the links provided no explanation or personal comment on their content other than a copy (partial) content.

Operating moderation

Moderation is exercised “a priori” to stakeholders who have never posted unless they validate their email address by activating the link contained in the message sent to the address they have given. Thereafter, the moderation of comments is made “ex post”.

comments that include too many hyperlinks or containing certain contentious formulations are subject to prior validation, regardless of their author.

Longer comments written by a technical device to exceed this limit are automatically truncated.
Successions of articles posted in sequence to override this limit can be, in cases of obvious abuse, subject to moderation.