Bangladesh is one of the poorest country of the world. Its population represents 157 millions inhabitants which 72% live in rural and suburbans area (2015 numbers)

Even though unemployement represents 5% of the population capable of working, this rate goes up to 8% for women and 10% for the youth.

In parallel, the economic context shows a big growth in the industrial and services sectors representing a progression of 31.2% in 20 years for the services sector.

In such context, Bangladesh is the first country in which Solinfo chose to step in. The associaion takes action in Bangladesh since its creation in 2002 and dedicates its action to the unprivileged children placed in orphenages, schools or any other institutions taking care of street children.

Solinfo also contributed to the (re)construction of schools since 2004 and lead a pioneer action by creating IT Trainings to promote youth employment. To its level, Solinfo participates to the national objectiv « Digital Bangladesh » and so answer the big employment demand in the tertiary sector.

The IT Training are usually more accessive to middle class or wealthy people when poverty strikes 30% of the population. Solinfo then gives a training complement to promote employement integration of the unprivileged children.

The association implanted itself by making strong parntership with schools, orphenages, community centers, in response to demands of local institution incapable of giving those training publicly.