Education agro-pastorale
Beginning in 2016, Solinfo decided to support an initiative already in place in Burundi that needed a little help in Giheta in the center of the country. This local initiative was aimed at empowering and creating a chain of solidarity among the young people of the hills of Giheta by breeding goats, a privileged breeding animal in Burundi.
This project involved assigning a goat to ten children from very poor families to take care of them. With a goat a young person can initiate an activity generating income by reselling the manure produced. When the goat is inseminated, then the resulting litter is given to another vulnerable child. The second span being definitive property of the child and so on by alternation. As a result, the child can create a livestock that will enable him to generate income within his family.
Solinfo has supported this project by developing it further and strengthening it with a vegetable cultivation activity. Thanks to the success of this project, which became financially autonomous in one year, Solinfo supported the creation of a second project identical with another local organization in Giharo in the south of the country, in close collaboration with the first project .
Today, the latter organization wishes to further develop this project, which has proved very relevant.

Project to re-educate disadvantaged children:
A significant number of Burundian youth do not go or drop out of school, especially in remote areas of the country, for several reasons:
Lack of financial resources (purchase of school supplies, uniform)
No food for lunch
Some parents do not see the
This case affects several thousand children in most Burundian communes, which are nevertheless very well endowed in schools.
After this, Solinfo wants to link the objective of re-enrollment of these young people to the main activity of education in livestock and culture.