Recherche bénévoles Volunteers needed

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Recherche bénévoles Volunteers needed

Formation et expérience souhaitées :
Management projets – relation bailleurs – expérience humanitaire -disponibilité pour des missions d’évaluation à l’étranger – animation réseaux sociaux – crowdfunding

Desired training and experience:
Management projects – donor relationship – humanitarian experience – availability for evaluation missions abroad – animation social networks – crowdfunding




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Déflagrations, le livre, sera présenté au Merle moqueur à Paris le 18 octobre à 19h30.
Solinfo participe en tant qu’intervenant


SOLINFO participe à l’exposition Déflagration

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Guérir la guerre- Healing the war

Du 6 octobre au 16 décembre, la médiathèque André Malraux présente l’exposition Déflagrations : un siècle de dessins d’enfants dans les guerres, conflits et crimes de masse qui donne la parole aux enfants témoins, victimes et parfois acteurs des conflits, guerres et crimes de masse depuis 1914 dans le monde.

En lien avec cette exposition la BNU accueille une table ronde autour de la prise en charge médicale et psychologique des traumatismes subis par les enfants lors des conflits. Les témoignages de spécialistes et de praticiens se confrontent pour analyser la difficulté, voire l’impossibilité d’oublier et de revenir à une vie normale.

6 octobre : inauguration de l’exposition Déflagrations à la médiathèque André Malraux à Strasbourg.

14 octobre, 15.00 : présentation du travail autour de Déflagrations et de la maison d’édition par Chloé Pathé au même endroit.

From the 6th of October to the 16th of December, the multimedia library André Malraux presents the exhibition Déflagrations: a century of children’s drawings in wars, conflicts and mass crimes that gives children witnesses, victims and sometimes actors of conflicts, wars and crimes since 1914 in the world.

In connection with this exhibition, the BNU is hosting a round table on the medical and psychological treatment of traumas suffered by children during conflicts. The testimonies of specialists and practitioners confront each other to analyze the difficulty, even the impossibility of forgetting and returning to a normal life.

6 October: inauguration of the exhibitionDéflagrations at the André Malraux multimedia library in Strasbourg.

14 octobre, 15.00 : presentation of work around Déflagrations and of the publishing house by Chloé Pathé in the same place.

Affiche deflagration, Strasbourg, Solinfo.
Déflagration 2017 Solinfo

A Kind of Adaption

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When the SIEGE was imposed on the eastern part of Aleppo, people started using houses gardens to grow vegetables.
It has been about 3 MONTHS now since the beginning of siege.
Meat sources are very rare depending mainly on what left of cattle.
So as a very important action, some of farmers, the owners of groves and civilians start recently rising animals. Seeking to increase their numbers as possible therefore, they can depend on its meat and its products from milk and eggs as well.
They basically start looking after with cows, sheep, chickens and hens. Some of people choose to rise rabbits and goose too. But Most of the people don’t have any.
Nevertheless, even this good step has some real obstacles to be proceeded well and lasted permanently.
 »The food’s animal » it is a problem we cannot really ignore it.
Day after day, it becomes rare and we cannot keep getting it easily due to the lack of (green spaces, gardens and our remained food). The continuously consumed grass is one of the reasons as well.
People also needed seeds to create a new kind of vegetables that grow in winter. Thanks god The Local Council of Aleppo City has a good reserved of these seeds.
((Now these seeds is PRECIOUS more than gold.))

The education situation in besieged Aleppo:
In a different subject, some of NGOs who concern in supporting Educational part are trying to create a good educational environment as the underground schools to be ready for the new coming term, which supposed to start in the last week of October. They try to establish a safe and proper study places that fit the teaching operation.
They try to supply some schools, provide them with logistic materials they need, fix what need to fix. They also try to provide the stationary required for both teachers and students, so they can launch teaching and learning operation.
It is ESTIMATED that around 85000 kids are still deprived from education in besieged Aleppo.
Speaking of children and their rights…
Living in eastern Aleppo, which has come under repeated sieges, the risks of riding on swings and playing in the park are too great. Sniper fire, missiles and airstrikes are daily occurrences in what was once Syria’s industrial center but is now at the heart of the country’s bloody conflict.
Local communities have always tried their best to provide education for as many children as possible. They struggle to keep going in underground buildings that guarantee a sort of safe compared with the normal schools. Now directorate of Education in Aleppo and the most NGOs try to create or supply such a places like this.
But apparently these underground building are not safe anymore when the Russians used heavy bombs that can reach them easily, the last weapon used in Aleppo « the Bunker buster bomb » which is designed to penetrate hardened target or targets buried deep underground, such as Military Bunkers make this underground alternative teach places unsafe and risky Again.
This is all what we could do now, if we want our children to continue their teaching.
It’s worth mentioning that despite of all surrounding circumstances, we try to adapt quickly. This is one of privileges of Aleppo citizens. We keep away the bad thoughts. Think tomorrow will be fine. Try to proceed our daily routine.
Hopefully opening the new autumn term.
Written by: Ahmad Al Basha
From inside besieged Aleppo.


The water issue

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For the last three weeks constantly, the regime forces had raised the attacks, targeting the main process water station on Suleiman Al-Halaby neighborhood. Seeking to control it by ground offensive and air strikes. This leads to station dysfunction and turned it out of service.

This station was serving both sides of Aleppo, the Eastern and Western part.

Because it is located in one of the front lines, this area becomes as a good target to the regime forces to start a strong ground offensive in order to control the station.

Intending to prevent us from clean drinking water, this action ((if achieved)) could lead to the beginning of surrender or evacuation operation.

Now no more clean water to drink in the most of neighborhoods ((only the stored bottles in the markets and houses)).

People also need water for hygiene purposes.

Moreover, because generators had stopped working due to the lack of fuel. Therefore, we couldn’t use the wells water that depends on generators neither.

Although all these ground conflicts, until now  »thanks god » the regime forces couldn’t control the station. Nevertheless, a lot of damaged happened to the machines.

  • Flashes from our daily Life…

A bread with blood taste:

On 28.Sep morning, when people were gathering, waiting to buy a few loaves of bread. An airstrike hit the place on al Ma’adey neighborhood. This attack killed around 17 people and caused many serious injuries.

The Russian campaign continues, by testing and using new kinds of weapons in Aleppo.

At that day, many families were mourning their loved ones. Many children spent their night crying, some of them were crying grieving on their dead dads, other were crying because their fathers didn’t comeback with bread and they still hungry all that night.


Written by: Ahmad Al Basha


From inside besieged Aleppo


((A Bread with blood taste))


The besieging crisis is in rise

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Can you imagine a family, 3 person maybe beside to a baby living in a house, having a small farm with a backyard garden. Their kitchen contains only a few canned food and some bottles of milk for the baby .suddenly something out happened makes this family entrapped inside the house with only these limited resources of food.

The besieging crisis is in rise

The problem is, this family is more than three person and a baby, they are 300 thousand person-included babies!
Now, the new part of crisis is these BABIES and the way of getting their MILK too.
Can you imagine that the price of one can of milk is 8000 SYP (about 15 $). !! At the same time, the majority of people are out of work with no weekly or monthly income!
 »If this is not a CRISIS, then what could happen worse!  »
Let me refer here in this point, some of Ngo. which their Warehouses still safe ((meanwhile a lot of ngo’s warehouses were attacked and destroyed completely)), try to give a hand, involve as possible as they can by working on so-called ‘freely milk distribution project’ basically for the widows and generally for the needed women who can’t feed their babies naturally.

Our main problem is, we are a large number of population compared with the available green spaces of planted vegetables.
According to our environment, we have only limited kinds of vegetables grown up in these groves like ( aubergine, squash, mint, parsley, radish and watercress)
In Darayya, the situation of the siege was better. They were only 8000 Person with a large space of available groves .which means: a few number of residents compared with the large green spaces they had. Therefore, they could survive during their whole long siege.
Unfortunately, we are in an opposite geographical situation, a large number of population with only small spaces available to be planted.

Happened in besieged Aleppo..
The price of gas bottle rises to 125 $ (if you were lucky to find it). Before the siege, it was 6000 SYP.
Happened in besieged Aleppo..
The PATIENTS with the chronic diseases get to a level of lack of severe medicines to the point of splitting the daily dose onto 2 days or more due to the shortage of medicines.
 »Now PAIN continues to be the only company they have. »

Winter is knocking on doors, and also people want to cook their simple food, their reserved of fuel and gas run out, so they start to destroy some of their wood furniture. In addition, sadly cut TREES, sit a fire and cook their simple food or make a tea. They sometimes cooking big meals for (the neighborhood or 10 families) to make use of the fire since energy sources are scarce now.
If they want to survive, live another day, they have to do that now.
« Even NATURE has interacted with us. We are crying TOGATHER now »
Written by: Ahmad Al Basha
From inside besieged Aleppo
((Trying to survive, live another day…)


God help us !!

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((While shelling by phosphorus on Bustan Al Qasr neighborhood on last Wednesday night))

We are now standing on the edge of Surrender. We run out of supplies.
All kinds of supplies: Food ,fuels ,medical , and also hygiene materials

No more fuel !! Not at all.
A chaos among the people began because of a severe shortage of bread material.
Only a few bakeries work, only a once every two days. Although the local council try to handle this serious issue but it becomes out of control day after day. A kind of starvation maybe will begin soon.

Again, the Syrian regime media follow the same way of fooling people about securing a safety corridors to the civilians and also armed people. But the fact is none of this is true.

7 days of a fake truce, 7 days of waiting for food aids. Then what was the next action !!
Bombing a convoy of aid, an air strike hit relief trucks near the city of Aleppo, killing at least one SARC staff member and around 20 civilians, as they were unloading trucks carrying vital humanitarian aid. Much of the aid was destroyed. The attack deprives thousands of civilians of much-needed food and medical assistance. And destroying a warehouse and hospital.
Omar Barakat ,The director of a Syrian Arab Red Crescent branch, was among those killed in this attack on last Monday night.

7 days of a fake truce, then the bombing campaign is continuing again.
Two days ago, on Wednesday night a huge attacks happened on the most Aleppo neighborhoods by using phosphorus and napalm bombs. This killed 50 person only in 24 hours that night.

Yesterday on Thursday night, more than 44 attacks hit Aleppo neighborhoods, most of them were by phosphorus bombs and yet the numbers of killed people still unknown

Because their generators stopped from working, day after day.. some of Aleppo neighborhoods sank in dark. And soon, the same will be in the rest of areas. Without fuel, Aleppo will be drown in the darkness. And maybe we will be isolated from the rest of the world.

We have been put in a critical situation without a choice. Unless JaF start a new war against the Syrian regime and his allies to break the siege again, we will be left to face our unknown fate.
God help us !!

  • Written By:
    Ahmad Al Basha
    From inside besieged Aleppo



About the Truce !!

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  • After a long discussion and a lot of negotiations, Aleppo Local council approved for receiving the UN aids (headed to the free part of Aleppo) by Castello road .

This resulted in announcing a humanitarian truce and ending the fight in Syria, especially Aleppo!!

But what can’t understand is that, if Russia accepted the announced truce which should start in the first day of Eid Al Adha..

Despite of this fact, warplanes had committed a lot of air strikes attacks just in the last two days before the expected truce day (Eid Al Adha day).

  • About the Truce !!
    – It’s important to know that until writing this article, None of the truce items have been executed.
    The only thing happened was decreasing the air strikes attacks and the overflights compared with the average of air strikes attacks before.
    – The Un aids were agreed to go through Castello road inside the besieged Aleppo. But until now no aid entered the city. Although all the daily statements to regime that it will withdraw his forces away from Castello road as the truce included.
    – I’m still hear the sound of scouting plane.
    – four days ago, there was a man killed by a sniper in Al-Zubdiah neighborhood.

– So, The truce resulted in less attacks done by airplanes, but shelling and bombardment still happening sometimes. Also some airplanes attacks occurred lately.

  • Idleb from the other side had gotten a hugely attacks and suffered a lot since beginning « the battle of breaking the siege of Aleppo » and so far.
    As we all know, Idleb consider the main land to « JaF »

Because its near location to Kafriya and Al-Fu’ah « the two besieged villages by « JaF ».
Bennish ((where one of our project launched there)) was hit a lot recently. And this was the main reason to suspend our project there for a while.

To be honest, Idleb and Aleppo are now like two close sisters more than before suffering from the same brutal forces hungry to kill.

  • Written By:
    Ahmad Al Basha
    inside besieged Aleppo



From inside besieged Aleppo

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Death barrels, destructive missiles, sounds of falling bombs and their explosions.
All those were just a part of the story !!
The other one of people suffering was when (Al Kastellow) « the only path to get food and medicine inside the free eastern part of Aleppo » became unavailable, under the regime forces and his allies.

But Thanks God..
One month later, the opposition forces represented mainly by « Jaysh al-Fateh » ((JaF)) army and other battalions from inside Aleppo could break the siege, open a new path (Ar-Ramousa).
We thought we can restore our routine life now and start our own activities.

But unfortunately, it didn’t last long and happened again !!
Only two weeks or three then Aleppo falls under the siege again.

Now the shapes of lack begin appear.
No vegetables.. No fuel..
It’s been more 3 weeks since the second siege began.

The medical section has its own suffering that it couldn’t be ignored and need immediately solution

Because of the last horrible attacks, the continued Russian campaign and the absence of safety, the Education section still suspended since the 1st siege and also our projects inside besieged Aleppo.
Children didn’t go to their summer activities last July and August, where they could use our materials in such a better way during this activities.

In general, life becomes so harder again…
An observed rising in the prices. In addition, the shops seemed nearly empty from the basic stuff!!

The situation of life about getting food and water is very bad
People based on what they stored before in the first place such as rice, lentils, groats, and humous.
They based on the canned food too.
Actually these are all kinds of food available now.
But thanks God ,we still abundantly supplied with bread.

Good news is, some of generators still work depending on the reserved fuel people stored. Thus they still able to use wells water. Because the period of cutout water extends to a long days.
Bad news is, this reserve is limited. It will running out soon.

The most thing we afraid is a rumor said that :
There is a politic deal including retaking the free part of Aleppo to regime areas in return kicking « Syrian Democratic Forces » ((SDF)) out of Jarablos !!
« A city near Turkish borders »

We hope it’s not true. We also hope it’s a temporary situation we are in now.
We pray the opposition forces gather it self again and break the siege soon.

●Written By:
Ahmad Al Basha
From inside besieged Aleppo

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