Since 2011, Syria is living in an unprecedented crisis, having already driven more than 3 million Syrians to flee their countries, to which must be added the 6.5 million displaced inside Syria, leaving their house their work … (Syria had 20 million inhabitants at the beginning of the revolution).

From 2012, an exploratory mission was conducted in Syria to assess the needs of this population and especially children whose war became a daily trouble.

Solinfo decided to intervene in its specialities of child welfare and education. Thus, consistent with the resources available to the association, the most appropriate support turned out to be developping artistic expression for children whose youth is building in the middle of violence.

Solinfo started to support the creation of a syrian association named “Sanabel” (“ear of barley” in Arabic) to manage the project “Colorful Syria” directly on the field.

So Solinfo is in support of the syrian Association to develop groups of children who come together to draw, paint, paste, play …