President, Solinfo

The President’s Message


A new dynamic website in order to enhance the action of Solinfo to each of you who discover or support our association.

Since 2002 Solinfo help vulnerable young people first the children of Bangladesh, for IT training allowing each year to issue a diploma that permit them to change their social status.

Our project currently, is to open six new training centers. 240 additional students trained per year!

And more recently with the dramatic events in Syria, Solinfo is with child victims of the war in refugee camps, schools, communities …

There, it is just question of allowing them to “remain children” to continue to draw, to express what they need to say with or without words.

Our action is support more than 20 fine arts teachers sending their material to organize spaces of time dedicated to drawing, painting ….

This is apparently little and it’s a lot for these children who had to leave their home, their neighborhood, their friends; live exodus …

And how to remain a child into this? Among others by drawing, through play.

For these projects Solinfo strong reasons to exist, to continue its action.

Support Solinfo for each of them, so that the child flame does not die.

Thank you for your generosity

Thank You