The project “Colorful Syria“ is the establishment of several micro-projects (art workshops) across Syria to benefit children who live permanently in a context of war, but also in southern Turkey to benefit syrian children who fled their country.


These micro-projects are of 2 types

Micro-project 1

One is organized in the syrian schools where teachers wouldn’t develop or too much little arts without our material support

Micro-project 2

The other is organized in the camps of refugees / displaced people, in villages, in various communities or centers. In this case, the association identifies an adult as a referencee (a Syrian) volunteer to mentor weekly a group of children. These children then realize any kind of artistic activity with the required equipment that Solinfo provides.

Moreover, occasionally, Solinfo / Sanabel organizes a recreational activity (picnic, puppet show, …) for the benefit of all children to an institution, a community, a village.