Bangladesh is one of the poorest countries in the world. The population is 157 million inhabitants, 72% live in rural areas and peri-urban (2015 figures).

Although unemployment is 5% of the population of working age, this percentage reaches 8% for women and 10% for young people.

In parallel, the economic environment shows a strong growth in industrial and service sectors, representing an increase of 31.2% in 20 years in the field of services.

In this context, Bangladesh was the first country in which Solinfo chose to intervene. The association is historically in Bangladesh since its creation in 2002, dedicating its actions to the education of vulnerable youth in orphanages, schools or other institutions gathering street children.

Solinfo contributed to the (re) construction of schools and in 2004, led a pioneering work by implementing IT training centers that improve the employability of disadvantaged youth. At his level, Solinfo participates in the national objective “Digital Bangladesh” and responds to the high demand of employment in the service sector.

The IT trainings are usually rather reserved to a middle or upper class while poverty affects 30% of the population. Solinfo thus providing additional training to make disadvantaged children get a job easily.

The association was established by building partnerships with schools, orphanages, centers, in response to requests from local institutions unable to provide such training to its audiences.